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Instrument Suites

An Instrument Suite (or in hrgems terminology, an Experience) is a set of more than one instruments (survey, assessment, test, knowledge transfer) presented together.  Using's patent pending technology, a Suite of Instruments can be presented one right after the other regardless of the answers or scores or they can be linked based on filters to determine which instruments are presented.  One very nice feature of is that the price of presenting an Instrument Suite (Experience) is the same as presenting a single instrument.

  • Benefits and Uses  One of the most frequently used Instrument Suite types is a pre-hiring test/assessment.  Using a suite of tests and assessments, the company can use a simple industry knowledge test and set a cut-off score to determine if the rest of the suite is presented.  If that score is not obtained, the user could be thanked without the user ever knowing that other tests or assessments would have followed had they obtained the desired score.

    Or an assessment can be given and based upon the aggregate score the suite might present one of several possible second instruments.  Using Instrument Suites (Experiences) the user doesn't have to skip sections and isn't confused by extraneous material.